1. field (adjective):  carried out or working in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.

2. photo (noun):  a marker of growth, of change; an intentional tribute of gratitude or admiration.

We choose the natural + candid over posed; relevant locations over studio, every time.  Moments that truly represent you and your family.

We believe photographs are best enjoyed 50+ years after they're taken.  When all the minor details of the day fade away and what remains is the cherished memory of a loved one.

Because the people closest to you are worth remembering and treasuring.



Meet Dustin + Rebekah

We are a newlywed husband and wife team dedicated to providing top quality images for your special day; whether it be your wedding/ engagement, family portraits, or capturing a moment in time of your littlest ones. 

From beginning to end of this process we love what we do and we love even more that we get to do it together.

Her likes:  hot tea & cold coffee in that order, working within limitations, her husband's dad jokes, the idea of morning runs, not checking social media, chai made by new friends, and feeling more at home in another culture than her own.

His likes:  learning how things work, innovation, well written hip-hop, bonfires, rooting for the underdog (except in Kentucky basketball of course), being a Sony fanboy, his Jeep Wrangler, the endless quest for the perfect Lacroix, Tom Hanks movies, companies that provide exceptional customer service, and his second shooter.